After months apart, Sophia and I decided to take a trip back to New York before Winter Break was over. 

At Bucknell, it seems that everyone revolves around living in the city or frequently visiting. As someone who grew up in DC and sees the Washington Monument every day, it's hard to get excited about seeing Washington (except when I get home after being away for months.) However, there is something about seeing the Manhattan skyline from across the river before going through Lincoln Tunnel. 

The last couple of days have given me some of the best meals I've had in weeks and Sophia and I have both fallen in love with the SoHo/Tribeca area of (it's nice exploring with someone else who prefers downtown to uptown). Now if we could just land those dream jobs and move...

I have no idea what the next couple of years will bring, but I really hope for a one way ticket in the future.

Have a great Thursday (sorry about the delays this week). 

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