Wednesday Thoughts: You're Not Special

The other day I came across an article (link here) and it's been weighing on my mind the past few days. 

For all of y'all who are too lazy to read the article, it's summed up that expectations are the root of unhappiness. This is also heightened by the mindset, upbringing and time period that we are in, we're surrounded by the bigger and better. And we want it. It many ways, this can be a good thing. While we stay incredibly ambitious, we also have instant gratification when everyone seems to be moving faster. This is also not helped by media and the GYPSY upbringing of believing that you God's gift to Earth.

While bringing clarity to a very real feeling many millennials experience. To live your dreams, you do have to believe in yourself, otherwise how can you expect anyone else to?  I liked the advice at the end. (Nothing better than reading an article that then leaves you with the feeling of "well, I'm up the creek") As part of Gen Y, we have to stay ambitious and as impossible as it is, not compare for once. 

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