24 Hours in Boston (via Snapchat)

The sign of family rules at my grandparent's house

I intended on taking a lot of photos this weekend of the beautiful Charles and Harvard campus, but ended up taking mostly Snapchats. I'm someone who generally saves photos from trips and get a little too excited about traveling and seeing new filters. (Hoping I'm not alone here.)

We were actually in Boston because my friend Sarah had an interview for an internship through Harvard Medical School. I waited while she interviewed and was so excited to find out that she is going to be working there this summer! It was pretty interesting to see a whole different world in research and medicine. We ended the night with a home cooked meal, a little luxury for a dorming college student. 

Overall it was a fun little weekend trip (thank you Spotify for making car trips so much better) and was a nice reminder that summer trips are right around the corner! Have a great Sunday!

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