An Open Letter

This may be an odd blog post, but I have been thinking a lot about how we don't express how we feel about the people we love enough. Now that the hype of Valentine's Day has died down, I figured it would be the perfect time. This is my attempt.

To the all important people of my life:

To Mummy and Dad- thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for everything that you have done. You really are the true MVP's in my mind for your patience, understanding and tough love when need be. Not only did you give us all incredible childhoods full of memories and traditions, but you guys are pretty cool adults too. Sorry for being a C- section baby with a big head. Kim, you have been so much more than a nanny to me, but truly a second mother. Sorry we all drove you a little crazy at times., but you are what makes home.

T.R., you are one of the most adventurous, hilarious, hardworking people I know. You have so much drive and ambition to give to the world and I am so proud of you for your commitment to your country and are going to be an incredible Mid at the Naval Academy. Jackson, your joy, humor and kindness never ceases to make my day and the day of those around you. For growing up with brothers, I got pretty lucky. Salem and Pepper, thanks for being cool cats.

To my extended family, thank you for always being there to go on a hike, share a story, cook a meal or just laze around the house cooking breakfast. Anson, J.T., Peetie and Bryan, you guys are like my four older brothers I never had (or wanted?...haha) and being your goofy, authentic selves. Thanks for reminding me that there are good guys out there. Erin, what can I say, you are just awesome. Gramma, thanks for always picking up the phone at the most random hours to talk and sharing your advice. 

For all of my friends, you are incredible, talented, down-to-earth and the best people. To all of the Bucknell and W-L friends, thanks for making the daily routine of school a little more bearable. For all my Theta sisters, thank you for making a home away from home and being a person to talk to or buddy to dance on an elevated surface with. Holly, Sarah, Genna, Goldie and Alyssa, what can I say- I love you all more than you know. Thank you to any mentor, teacher and coach who believed in me and their other students- your teachings are something that stay with us throughout our lives. To those who maybe we have lost touch or even had a falling out, you have you have touched my life in more ways than one and I truly treasure every memory and impact that you have had on my life. 

To all my Shrine Mont buddies, though I am now officially "retired," you have all had such an influence on me and my life learning how to be 100% authentic and that everyone deserved to be loved for exactly who they are. 

Sophia, you are truly my sister and I have no idea when on this Earth I would be without you. No really, I actually have no idea. Your ambition and humor are contagious and your laugh is on a whole other level. You are so unbelievably wise beyond your years it's ridiculous and you are going to do so many things in this life. Thanks for being the best childhood sidekick, prom date and sister I could ask for. 


P.S. Also a big thanks to alarms that go off, packages that arrive early, good smelling candles, soft blankets, Jeep drives, late walks, writing, Netflix, music blasting in the kitchen, views from hikes, hot chocolate and kitten cuddles.

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