Love in the 21st Century

I am currently working on a Her Campus article this week about modern relationships. 

When I was in Rome last November, I met up with one of my mother's friends that she made when she studied abroad in Italy. When I asked her about what my mother was like at the exact same time in my life, she mentioned that it was the start of my mom and dad dating and sending letters while she was abroad and he was back at Trinity. I couldn't help but think how much times have changed. I really can't imagine any guy at Bucknell doing that- I think most girls now are just looking for a text back. This has really got me thinking what has happened in the last thirty years?

In researching this topic, I came across a video from Aziz Ansari on his book Modern Romance. The entire book is about relationships and dating now, especially with the use of technology. If you don't have the time to read the whole thing, check out this video below (a good listen while running errands). 

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