Mid Week Thoughts

Why is it that the week leading up to a promising weekend is always a trying time?

The week of fun all started Sunday when I filled my Nalgene to the top while doing homework at the library, because you gotta hydrate to be great- right? Well, reaching for my book on my favorite desk, the entire thing spilled directly on my laptop and the whole thing was toast. Tonight, after bring completely drenched, I was 90% sure that I had lost my phone that I had just replaced a couple of months ago. Between that and mid term season coming up, I had a complete breakdown.

Sometimes things seem to go so wrong or are so incredible overwhelming that it seems impossible. Fortunately, my mother has always been someone who seems to know the answers to everything. She not only helped me find my phone from hundreds of miles away (comforter covers are evil things, my friends), but she also is great at reminding me that everything can be done with a little focus and taking things one step at a time. Laptops can be replaced, assignments will get done, and in the end, it all makes a great story in retrospect.

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