Poetry Time!

One of the best parts of this semester is my classes. Though it's more writing than I have ever done in my life, I am so happy to get to do what I love for school. Here is one of my recent poems for class that I was really happy with. I hope you enjoy and if you wanna leave a comment, that would be awesome too- thanks for reading!

Back to simpler times...
 After School // Emma Sheehy           

At 3:01, it was the start of the day
Blue plastic chairs places on top of desks
That would one day be too small to sit on.
In only a few years.

Just close your eyes
A chair is more than just a chair
It’s Castles. Cabins. Mansions. Shacks.
It was all there-
Under layers of blankets.

Pretend fairy tale weddings
Before now too real divorces
“I have to go, but we’ll talk later”
Is the new script.

Living in the world of castles
Is never appreciated at the time.

They said would be easier as an adult.
What liars.

Maybe when the the grandkids come
that mind will return, but for now,
A tent is just a chair.
And a pile of blankets.

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