Wednesday Thoughts: Sappy Edition

Something about this picture felt right for this post {Image}

The other day I was having a phone call with one of my best friends Holly and we were talking about this article in the NY Times. It was one of the picked winners from a series that they were running for young writers and wow did this hit both of us hard

Both Holly and I agreed with this post 1000%. Let me also clarify that she has been on some dates in London while I am hitting up the Lewisburg Tinder (and scrolled through way too many hunting pictures to count). Between Her Campus and this blog, I have written a fair amount about relationships and heartbreak. Like a painter feels about the process of creating art, for me writing is extremely therapeutic and through blogging, gives the time budget and opportunity to actually sit down (otherwise it would be just writing papers for professors and the idea of that is terrifying). Sometimes it feels like the only thing that keeps me sane and in order in the craziness that is being a twenty year old in the 21st century. (Ooo, how dramatic.)

I think the key is to work as hard as possible on yourself and believe that things will work out, knowing that there are tons of people who feel the same way. I wish I could say more, but all there is to do is hope that things will change over time. and this was all I could come up with. And sometimes, that's enough. 

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