I was looking through my 101 list to see how much progress I actually made. I'm not sure if I specifically chose things that I knew I was going to do anyway, but there is more progress than I thought. After meeting with my advisor this week, I will be graduating next May (it was on my list because for some reason, my mother was very concerned about this). 

One of the ones on the list was to plan a fun 21st. Personally, I'm not a huge birthday person (for myself, I love doing things for other people) and the last two birthdays have been pretty mellow, but this year will be an exception. After a weird reverse culture shock coming back - I really miss being able to pick up mini bottles of Prosecco at my local Sainsbury's. Andrea is coming back to school, it's the night of formals and Goldie's 21st as well, so it will be an memorable (hopefully, we'll see) night. (I am wearing a dress in the frattiest red color, which I did not know ordering but am now quite amused by it.) I love the idea of drink themed cupcakes and will be posting the creations we come up with! {Image}

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