One Step at at Time

Happy Monday! I did not expect to wake up sick this morning, but I have decided to make the most of being in bed all day. Hope that you make the most of this week- whether you have a strong start or not! {Image}

I was thinking back to the abroad days that seem way longer than a few months ago. One memory in particular was when I went to Barcelona essentially by myself. My friend Robert was going to meet up with me later that day, and he was in charge of the where we were staying while I got the flights. All seemed well, but I had to take a super early flight while Robert had class and would meet me later. I knew nothing about the city, and decided to wing it because why not?

Flash forward to landing in Spain. I landed at the airport with no idea how to get to my hotel and get a call from Robert who has told me that the check in at Ryanair will not let him get on the plane because I accidentally put in the wrong information. I was struggling to hear him because I could only talk on Facebook caller and suddenly my phone died with no way to recharge it. To top it all off, as I reached for my wallet to get a bus ticket, my credit card cracked. And I had about 5 Euros in cash. I was in the airport with terrible wifi, with my only friend unable to board the plane to meet me, with little plan, little Spanish skills and no one within 200 miles that I knew and now a faulty credit card. To put it nicely, I was screwed. 

Maybe not quite to the same extent as being stranded in a foreign country, but I often feel this same overwhelming doom during finals week, a particularly stressful assignment or just trying to manage to get everything done in a day (24 hours just ain't enough sometimes). When this happens, I try to think of two things: will this matter in five years and how can I break up the problem into manageable solutions. By doing this, suddenly something that seemed impossible at the time gets done. Panicking usually solves nothing and calling your mom can only go so far (not talking from experience or anything). Sometimes all we can do is just put things in perspective, take a deep breath and attack it. 

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