Sunday Procrastination

Schoolwork has been ramping up lately, which means there temptation of procrastination is stronger than ever. I have been working all weekend and there are a couple of things that I have been loving lately. Whether you're working on midterms or hanging out on a beach for Spring Break (not me), I hope you have a great Sunday! {Image}

Ke$ha Albums // After roadtripping last weekend, I have fallen back in love with Ke$ha. Her first two albums are particularly great and as an artist, I believe that she's truly underrated in the industry. I truly hope that justice can be done and that she can continue to put out amazing music.  

Taylor Swift Documentary // One of my favorite free time activities is see how my role models got their start. Like every girl my age, I have followed the career of Ms. Swift since I was a kid. This documentary is a great way to look at her early life that led to her success. (This shorter one is also good too.)

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