Thursday Thoughts: The Comfort Zone

One of my friends is currently circumnavigating the globe via Semester at Sea. As much as I loved London, I would do her program in a heartbeat if I had to do it all over again. She has been to some of the places on my dream bucket list, including Japan, China, India, South Africa and Morocco (still salty that I never made it over last semester). 

She recently posted a picture skydiving and talked about not mistaking comfort for happiness. I had always heard things like "life starts at the end of your comfort zone," but never thought about it in the way she described. Here I am, in my comfy clothes at the university that I have learned the rules and assimilated to, doing the same thing every week. Comfort is more than just a part of my life, it's my lifestyle. 

I think especially starting to think about summer, a time where there are few responsibilities and plenty of time (and also the last one before I graduate, which is a terrifying thought) taking this mindset is essential. Ever since I was sent off to sleep away camp at the tender age of 7 knowing no one, my parents have always valued the aspect of throwing yourself into a new situation (everyone on my mother's side of the family can make a best friend anywhere, anytime). Comfort is something that we crave, but not something that we need. Maybe the key is to stop when we have a choice between the two and pick the more unsettling decision, knowing that somewhere down the line, we'll be thankful for it. {Image}

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