Thursday Thoughts: Life Without Rain

I can't believe that I am admitting this here, but Yik Yak is defiantly an app that I have in my social media routine checks. Someone recently posted something that was along the lines of "I hate being sad and wish we could just be happy all the time." It was responded by a comment that stated that you have to accept the bad times and good ones, because a place where the sun always shines is a desert.

That statement really resonated with me. Just like rain, it takes sadness for happiness to mean anything. Despite the cool looking cacti, a desert is not the optimal ecosystem you want for a metaphor of your life. None of us want to be upset or hurt and unless we live in some sort of bubble where nothing really happens to you, it's pretty inevitable.

I don't know what it is, but I have been in the best mood lately. Things seem to be falling into place and there are so many exciting things right on the horizon. However it's the acknowledgment of good things that is a direct result of tougher times, whether it's the beautiful Bucknell spring after a long winter or a good grade in a challenging class. Every setback just makes the next victory that much better. 

Happy Thursday and House Party to my fellow Bucknellians! (Please be safe and smart.) {Image}

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