Thursday Thoughts: When to Quit

The other day, I took my little brother to see Zootopia. (Honestly, it was suggested by my mother- likely as a means to gain some peace and quiet in the house.) The movie absolutely went above and beyond my expectations, coming from someone who is not an animated movie fanatic. I highly recommend seeing it, and the audience demographics was proof that with great writing, you can get adults and kids together. 

There was one line from the film that "he's right about one thing, I never know when to quit." For some reason, it really stuck out in my mind. In a world where everything is a competition and (not to bring politics into things) some people probably should give up, there is usually a stigma about people who keep on going, despite what others think. One of the most challenging things is when people tell us that we can't do something- especially when it comes from our loved ones. 

Maybe it's being young and naive that gives the fighting spirit, but I really think that good things will happen if we keep taking the risks and go against the grain. Maybe we should just stop thinking and go until we can't feel the sting of insecurity and doubt. And then continue going. 


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