Guest Post: Sophia + New Jointz

I have one of the most amazing childhood best friends in the world. Not only is she the most hilarious, generous and caring friend, but Sophia is also so musically talented and has great taste. Thanks for guest writing today, Phia!

With 12 songs and 38 minutes of playing time, NEW JOINTZ in simple terms is all the songs you didn’t know you were missing. The “vibe” of the playlist is very laid back. I love doing homework to it, and driving in the increasingly warm weather to and from my way to school. It contains songs that make you feel good, but aren’t totally distracting when you put them on. 

I wanted to pick out my favorite songs from the playlist and say why I recommend them, but really all of these songs I would give equal playing time to. I would really just listening through to give every song a chance, and guarantee that you’ll pick up a couple songs- maybe artists to add to your music repertoire.

Although all of these songs are on repeat on my Spotify, I wanted to specifically recommend the top two songs that I’m hooked on. They are “What if I go?” by Mura Masa, and “waves-Remix” by Miguel and Kacey Musgraves. They’re also the first two on the playlist. I also threw in “Work from Home” at the end, cause I know Emma loves that one ;)

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