Summer Plans.

It's official- I'm starting to feel like a senior. I just picked classes for next semester and tomorrow we have housing selection for my last year in college (and schooling in general- as of now, I have absolutely no interest in more formal schooling after Bucknell). It's a weird feeling, but I also feel like I will be ready for the "real world" come May 2017. 

Because I don't start work until June and college gets out ridiculously early, I will be visiting my family on the West Coast who I haven't seen in what feels like forever- even if it's only been 8 months. (A possible cross country road trip is in the works as well, but we'll see.) I really want to do some "unplugging" and getting back into nature, so look for some pictures and vlogs from Tahoe and the California coast!

T.R. is also going off to Navy, which means that the first couple of weeks I'm home is going to be the last time we're in the same place fighting over Jeep driving privileges. He is going to be hiking in Maine for his senior project, so hopefully I can get some updates from his adventures. Then my family is going to be packing up the car the first week in June for Trinity, where my parents are attending their 30th reunion and then things start up in Boston! This summer is gonna be a crazy one, but as long as long as I'm not at a job that requires me to wear black pants in July, I'm happy. 

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