End of the Semester Project

Tomorrow I am turning in my final portfolio for my poetry class this semester. Here is one of my favorites and I figured if I can't post it here then where else can I? Have a great Monday!

after school
3:01 was the real start of the day
When blue plastic chairs are placed on top of desks
That will one day be too small to sit on
In only a few years.

Just close your eyes
A chair is more than just a chair
It’s Cabins. Mansions. Shacks.
All of the real estate you could ever want
Right in front of you and
Ready to be imagined
Under layers of blankets.

Pretend fairy-tale weddings
Are now too-real divorces.
“I have to go, but we’ll talk later”
Is the new script.

The golden age of living in castles
Doesn’t last long enough.
Parents always said life would be easier as adults.
What liars.

Maybe when the the grandkids come
That mind will return
But for now,
A tent is just a chair.

And a pile of blankets.

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