Happy last (or second to last) Sunday Scaries of the semester! Here are some of my favorite finals tips here as well as some of my own that I use to get through this difficult time. Good luck and the end is almost near! {Image}

Reward Yourself | Take the opportunity to use some free time to treat yourself. This could include going on an adventure with friends (if you can find the time) or ordering something to your house that will be waiting for you when you get home. 

List it Out | I live by to do lists, but making it the night before it really helps to get the ball rolling as soon as you wake up. I also like to have all of my final papers and folders for exams out on my desktop. It feels so good to have them all laid out and move them off as soon as they are turned in or completed.

Think About #1 | From the words of my girl Kelsey Derragh, you gotta look out for #1. This means getting enough sleep (hard), eating right (also hard) and keeping as calm as possible (very hard). Coming from a girl who was told by a professor that they "looked more sane recently," I don't think I can speak much more on this. 

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