In the A.M.

True confession: I have never been a morning person. At sleepovers, I was always the last asleep and very last one awake (I mean at about 11 when everyone had been up for hours and was ready to leave last). 

I've gotten to a point now where starting my day early and productive has become crucial to my overall productivity for the day. There is something about my mind that is either go go go or at a complete stand still (does anyone else have this problem?) I wanted to make a change so that I could sleep better, get posts done on time, work out in the morning, and feel overall better. Of course, this has not been without its challenges, but here are my tips from a completely natural night owl. Good luck! {Image one // two}
1. Turn off electronics at 10 p.m. | One of the most obvious tips is "go to bed earlier," but what I have found is to start turning electronics off before bed to resist being online at 2 am for no reason (been there, done that). 

2. Make a list | Every night before bed I make a list of what I would like done the next day so that I can hit the ground running immediately. 

3. Set your phone across the room | When you have to get up to turn your alarm off, it makes it that much harder to fall back asleep. 

4. Have one thing laid out | Getting a task or two checked off quickly will keep the morning productivity momentum going. I like to have my gym clothes laid out and make my bed immediately. 

5. Start small | You may not be getting up at 4 am and getting that workout in immediately, and that's ok. Creating habits takes time and effort, even if it means waking up a few minutes early every day over weeks or months. 

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