Thursday Thoughts: Lessons from the Side of the Highway

One Tuesday, I had packed up all of my stuff and was ready to go home. I hit the highway and was about 15 minutes outside of school when suddenly I started to lose control of the car and the manual shift locked up. In a last minute decision, I pulled over on Route 11 with all of my belongings, a turned in room key back at school, and broken clutch three hours from home.

This was a reminder that though we think everything is in our control, life can happen. To be honest, after a long week, packing and moving things from the fourth floor to my car, I was kind of in a bad mood to go home. However, after a 30 hour detour, I was practically kissing the ground once I got back to Virginia. Even though this was a little thing in the long run, at the time on the side of the highway, I was trying to not panic. Sometimes the world of trying to get everything done, we have to be reminded that things happen when we least expect it. Everything happens for a reason- even if that reason is a reminder to have your clutch checked every once in a while. In the end, having a car to drive that breaks down is a privilege in itself, and the only thing we can truly predict is our own mental reaction to our outcomes. {Image}

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