Thursday Thoughts: A Little More Personal

To be real with you all, April was a month that came with a fair share of challenges. This resulted in a lot of nights staring at the ceiling, unable to sleep and worrying. After an amazing month of March, it felt like the floor was coming out from under me. It sounds stupid, but thoughts were zooming in my head every night, unable to let me fall asleep. Examples of these included (but were not limited to): will I have to live with my parents forever? will I get a job or have to be homeless? will I have friends after college?

Just like fear and worry is something that can be a powerful motivator, it can also be a crippling force that prevents you from accomplishing anything. While some of my fears were valid, a lot of them are out of my control or will fall into place on their own. No one can perfectly predict their life, unless their life is so mundane that it can easily be written out on a piece of paper, so maybe the key is to stop thinking and just work. To quote the great Nike, just do it. {Image}

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