Sunday Advice to High School Grads

This is the week that I went to the card section to pick out one for T.R.'s graduation. It's hard to believe that the freshman I once begrudgingly toted to school is now going to college! Time seems to be going by so quickly- the kids who I once babysat are now adults! Soon my friends and I will be graduating and the whole thing is as exciting as it is nerve-wracking. Here are some of the things I would tell myself back in 2013 and to this year's graduating class. 

Friendships | Now that you are going to be in completely different places (most likely), you will see the people most important to you, and watch others slip through the cracks. 

Be Prepared | For a long of things to change (especially you!). A few years to your parents may be nothing but the difference but you are about to grow in infinite ways. 

Cherish | Your family, siblings and extended family. There is something about not living under the same roof that grows the sibling bond and suddenly time together with family (ie Thanksgiving, Christmas) is looked forward to rather than dreaded. 

Document | There will be times that you look at photos from high school and feel like it was yesterday, and other times that you think what was I even thinking at the time? Take pictures (pre freshman 15), write letters and enjoy the end of school. 

Get Excited | College/ the real world is full of fun times, new friends, memories and opportunity- good luck!

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