"Why Do I Have Carpel Tunnel?" The 1st Week

Over the past couple of days I have been posting pictures from my summer internship at Her Campus in Boston. Although it's only been about a week, I am loving it and could not have picked a better place to work for what I am interested in after Bucknell. Working for a startup that was founded by Harvard undergrads is both exciting and inspiring.

Here are a couple of notes from my first week. I am keeping a running list on my computer of what I've been learning, but here are a couple of things I wanted to make note of.

Who couldn't love working in a building where there are indoor swings?

Phones | One of my main jobs this summer is curating the Snapchat for HC! It's pretty crazy to think about how far technology and social media has come. That being said, between the train ride to and from work and doing this now (in addition to my own social media addiction) means I have to fully charge my phone twice in a day. As if I couldn't be more of a typical millennial, the other day I realized that I have definitely developed carpel tunnel (or something else that makes my thumb twitch and arm go numb from time to time).  

Connection | It's absolutely insane how different our world is. Working at a tech company is not where I ever thought I'd be (especially after a not so hot grade on an Excel exam). Trying to explain it to my grandparents on the other hand is near impossible...

Perks | Working in an awesome city with views of Fenway, early Friday starts and working beside the founders defiantly make the commute and unpaid aspects of the job worth it. If you have the chance to work somewhere creative, I highly recommend going for it!

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