NYC Recap

Coming back to the office after a crazy weekend was a bit hard, but I wanted to post a couple of photos from the weekend.

Friday | After getting on the train at the wrong station, we made our way as a group to the city. I was staying at an Airbnb in Greenwich and after deciding to walk the two plus miles with two bags in 95 degree heat, decided to rest on a bench, looked up and saw Casey Neistat sitting on a bench 20 feet away, camera in hand.
I decided then and there to go up to him (my entire body was shaking- it was the weirdest experience and I honestly blacked out most of it). It was one of the craziest experiences to meet someone who I look up to so much for creativity and work ethic. For someone who is constantly moving and traveling the world, the odds of running into him and Candice were one in millions- truly a highlight of the summer. (He is also a super nice guy who also insisted on taking the picture blindly one handed with my camera, which makes it all the more difficult to replace now). We then had an event at the Rebecca Minkoff flagship store in Soho (with champagne) and dinner. A great start to the weekend.

Saturday | After getting up early for a coffee meeting, I headed over to the venue on Old Slip. The entire day was crazy, but in the best way. The panelists were incredible and varied in amazing careers. (My favorite was in charge of booking the musical acts for Tonight Show.) Following the insanity, I went off to work on some writing in a coffee shop and took a walk in Washington Square Park- which was packed at 11:30 (probably from people playing Pokemon). 

Sunday | The morning got off to a pretty rocky start with completely underdressing for the event- I thought they had said it was casual, but it was formal. Once again, we had incredible group of speakers from editor-in-cheifs to NY Times bestselling authors and Olympic gold medalists. I then finished the night with dinner in the West Village with some family friends who just moved to the city. There is something about having a family dinner that makes travel that much better. 

Monday | I decided to walk from the Village to Midtown to catch the train, but not without stopping for brunch at one of the places on my list. Jack's Wife Freda, can you go wrong? I will be back for the mint lemonade and orange blossom pancakes. After stopping at a little card shop, we made our way on the train- saying goodbye to the city. 

I also took a TON of notes about succeeding in a career from some of the best in the creative industry (and an Olympians thrown in the mix). Look out for a post coming soon!

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