Thursday Thoughts: Fame

Between my internship and working on my own short stories (one of which is for an assignment for class already, senior year is going to be a ride), I have been writing nonstop. Nonetheless, I wanted to come back with a Thursday Thoughts piece on fame through the internet. I got onto social media pretty early on around 2010 and have since watched the people who I followed and looked up to change. Since then, I have seen people grow and die down, and have watched the way different people have responded to a growing audience and though social media can be an amazing platform, it also comes with a serious reality. 

Fame is a pretty terrifying thing. 

I think fame and wealth tend to go hand in hand these days, especially now that social media has made it possible to get offers with enough following. Through the past couple of years, we have seen many people come up into the ranks for reasons of sheer luck and timing. Some people can't handle it and some people definitely didn't earn it (remember Alex from Target?). I think we should all take a step back and really think about the people we spend lots of time fixated on, and what they represent. 

The other day, I was updating my phone and decided to go through and clean out my social media of all things that didn't make me happy. This included celebrities that I didn't look up to beyond the surface level, people who stressed me out and bloggers always trying to sell me stuff. I went through Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter. A couple of days later? I only wish I had done it sooner. The crazy thing we all forget is that these celebrities and famous people online owe their success to the people who follow them- we are the ones who get to decide. Though there is nothing wrong with looking up to people who have amazing style, decor or lifestyle, there are so many amazing innovators, writers, scientists, doctors and designers out there. Who are you promoting? {image one //two}

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