Back to School

The time has come, my friends. With no intention on pursuing grad school in the near future, it is the last time I will be going back to school this fall. Ever. It's going to be a crazy year full of insanity, challenges and a lot of fun. Anyway, I'm going to stop going on and on- here is the schedule of what I have planned, in case you're curious. 

Podcast | I am super excited about my weekly podcast coming every Friday. I know that it will go up because I don't have classes Friday, so if I don't...shame on me. It should be fun and full of lots of cool people from school, so follow here if you like!

Videos | I have been waiting to write this forever. After forever and a half, I finally invested in a new camera that has incredible autofocus and wide angles. Finally. 

Blog | More photos. More fun. 

Writing | Is anyone trying to read more books? After becoming obsessed with audiobooks (they help with the multitasking), hopefully there will be more talking about recent reads. 

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