Thursday Thoughts: Notes from Concerts

Happy Thursday! As the summer is starting to wind down for college students, I think all of us are getting excited for the start of school. Going into the last first day of school ever and having a new agenda with 2017 on the front is absolutely crazy. 
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Over the weekend, I was able to attend two concerts for a couple of artists that I love. As someone who rarely goes to concerts, if I am going to make a trip, it's going to be for an artist that is worthwhile. 

The first concert, Sarah and I were by far some of the oldest people there. We were singing at the top of our lungs the whole time, but we couldn't help but notice the thirteen year olds sitting directly in front of us. During the majority of the concert, they were sitting down on their phones and looking through their DMs. I repeat, on their phones and sitting at a concert. There is nothing wrong with having your phone to record the occasional photo or video (though I have been trying to get off of mine, it is a struggle) but this was an extreme. The entire experience was such a shock and a reminder of a) being old and b) the cultural bubble that we have been living in. 

On the latter end of mean age of audience, I went to a Coldplay concert at Gillette. (For the record, if you have the opportunity to see them live, absolutely do it.) After getting to the very top of the arena, the usher told me to get in line at guest services to get an upgraded ticket. I was pretty excited about it, but all of the grown adults in line could not have been more unhappy about the inconvience. All of the people in front of me were getting upgraded to seats in the front rows, so things were looking promising. Right before getting to the front, someone pushed right in front of me. As if she had apparated out of nowhere, this woman pushed herself between me and the glass screen, demanding that it was unfair that they had upgraded their seats to only the 100 section, while others were getting floor seats. I could see the look in the employees eyes as he nonverbally told me he couldn't give me floor seats with the woman staring him down. At that moment the girls I had been talking to in a line suddenly said "I'm just happy to be here." I honestly didn't care either, and was upgraded from nosebleed seats to my favorite place to watch a concert- right up above the floor near the stage. In life it can be so easy to focus on the negative- it is pounded into our face everyday and there is always someone having more fun making more money and looking better doing it, but we have the ability to make the best of what we have at the time. 

People are crazy, but sometimes it's just good enough to be in the moment- and have a seat in the arena. 


  1. That is a fun picture, I do like it. You know, technologies changed our lives in so many ways.

  2. cheerful article, just suitable for Saturday morning, I like it! special thanks to the author for the picture