Tuesday Thoughts: Broadcasting to the World

There are days when my brain explodes and I have to sit down to empty the tank of the thought. Today is one of those days. This will not be a formal post, but rather a scramble not much different than the cartoon below. I have recently told by my lovely roommate that my most used phrase is "I've been thinking about..." so I will refrain from starting this post my tag line.

In one of my classes we were discussing the concept of privacy- a topic that despite having access to more information than any other generation, we knew little about. With the height of blogs, social media, and now *daily vlogging* it seems that there is no end to what can be broadcast. The other day I was watching my favorite daily vlogger when my dad asked me what I was viewing and after explaining to him that I spent hours watching someone else -a normal person- broadcast their life, he replied with a simple answer to a very complex idea: why? It was the first time that someone had questioned this concept that has become so normalized in our society. If a person is taking a picture of themselves? Normal. Making a video with their friends? Fine. Bought a stick to put their camera on so they can get a better view of the background? ... I still can't do this without cringing, despite having bought one abroad.  
Ten years ago back in middle school we were constantly warned about the dangers of having any personal information, when today updating my resume (a whole additional blog post of confusion), my social media handles were up prominently displayed. My grandma suggested trying to go out unplugged a little bit everyday and listen to your thoughts without having to talk or post about it. I know from personal experience that trying to hold focus for more than a few minutes without checking something is a victory. I am also one of these people who broadcasts their life to the internet, and therefore have no answers, however it was nice to turn off those lights and think my own thoughts, knowing that no one else would hear them for once. 

Maybe we'll hit a point where this concept of broadcasting dies and things start to dip down. Or maybe we'll take it to the next level and there will be video cameras filming our lives like the pandas in the D.C. Zoo. Then again, it could tackle the crime problem the same way cheaters are getting caught through cell phone use. We can only hope for the best. {Image}

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