Where the F**k Have I Been?

Hello. It feels quite odd to be sitting down and drafting, as I have barely blogged in the past month. When I made the switch from daily blogging to a couple of times a week, I did not plan to take weeks off at a time. Alas, though having a break was fun, I really love blogging and took full advantage of taking the month of October. 

Highlights included visiting T.R. at Navy, attending Theta functions, making an epic Halloween costume, going apple picking, articles I was truly proud of, Big/Little Week (more on that later), Homecoming and multiple nights with Sarah at the bar. Sometimes you gotta be 21. 

I think there is this constant back and forth of trying to live life while documenting. This is also combined with the constant need for change while also craving comfort. Being an introvert, I tend to spend a lot of time alone, but have made an attempt recently to be more social and put myself in uncomfortable situations. As a result, I have run more runs, reconnected with more old friends and had more fun in the past month than all last semester when I (admittedly) locked myself in my single and spent more time on the internet than I would like to admit. College has gone so much faster than I ever thought and this semester has been no exception, but taking advantage of everything from a beautiful sunset to late night seems to be the only solution next to time travel. That's pretty much all I have for now...have a good one! {Image}

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