Thoughts From Finals

Hello there. It's been a couple of weeks since I have posted. While my posts are typically pretty organized for the most part and feature some type of helpful guest post or person that is much better dressed than me, today I find myself scrambling to write. With one term paper keeping me from freedom, travel, holiday spirit(s) and real food, naturally I have been procrastinating. 

Today I looked at diploma frames and searched online for furniture for my hypothetical future big city apartment. For someone with no job (not even close-ish) and an advisor that (jokingly?) has no faith in her abilities to get one, these actions are getting ahead of one's self to say the least. This time of year is great because it's when everyone outside of college tries to have their life together while university students aren't going try to deny their reality. While ordering Christmas cards online- a task that has fallen into my responsibility pile over the past couple of years- I came across a wonderful template that chose to forgo the single professional family photo and instead have small squares for various iPhone pictures of everyone. In the center, it was adorned with the phrase "just keeping it real!" This card was quickly chosen.

The next year is gong to be a roller coaster ride to say the least. In a delusional attempt at productivity, I have been making a list of resolutions (for realistically, the next three months).  Since writing things down keeps one accountable, I thought it would be fitting to share these below. 

GOALS 4 2017
(some more serious than others)
1.  Stop falling for clickbait. If this is the only thing I accomplish, it would be a success. 
2. Quit overpacking. 
3. Actually face my fears and do some kind of comedy writing. 
4. Follow through and sign up for one of the runs my dad wants me to do with him that says "NO WEENIES" on on the form in red and not get intimidated. (Sorry dad, but 20 miles on Martha's Vineyard in February realistically was never going to happen, though I will be praying for you.)
5. Not get into an argument with my mother over photos that are taken on major Christian holidays (too late for this year's Christmas card). 
6. Start spending money on all the adult stuff I will need next year and not at Wine and Spirits. 
7. Get in the habit wearing a coat out. Or at least find better winter running clothes to not look like an idiot. I know it's 25 degrees, please let me drink my post workout smoothie in peace. 
8.  Take all my makeup off at night. This can be forgiven if I continue to make the effort to wear it. 
9. Learn the final 20% of football rules that I still don't understand before the Super Bowl. 
10. Travel somewhere cool?
11. (Use less parentheses in my writing.)

Happy Finals! Over the next upcoming weeks I will be in home in D.C. and traveling to New York City, Oregon, Seattle and Boston, so look out for lots of travel photos! {Image}

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