Review: Smitten Salon

I have a bad tendency to justify wasteful spending. This can include everything from clothes to...usually clothes. However, I was long overdue a haircut/color and decided to book an appointment at Smitten- a salon that I had always driven by when I was home, but had never actually tested it out. 

To start, just walking in, the decor and atmosphere is amazing. When getting your hair colored, it often takes quite a while, but having a beautiful salon to stay in makes it such a nice experience. I booked the appointment a couple of days earlier with Pam. After sitting in an awesome, pink lounge with a glass of cucumber water in a trendy tortoise shell glass, I made my way over. 

The customer service experience was unreal. Pam listened to what I wanted and took the time to take my vision and make it better. She also focused on making sure that the maintenance was going to be manageable. She told me about how her location in DC allowed her to do hair for events for celebrities. When I asked her who her favorite celebrity was to do hair on was, to which she replied "I loved working on Anna Wintour." I didn't care what she was going to do at that point. If it was good enough for Anna, it was good enough for me. She also offered me a glass of white wine, which I happily accepted. 

The cost of the entire thing ended up being about the same as my regular salon, but with so much added value. I walked out with the best hair of my life- Anna approved (I did not take a picture, but it kind of looks like the photo on the left when wavy). If you are coloring your hair, it is something worth investing in- you'll be wearing it every day! Though it will be a while before I need to, I am already looking forward to going back. If you are looking to make a change this time of year and are in the D.C. area, I recommend Smitten highly. {image one and two // three}

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