Where I Have Been?

Excuses are the worst. 

I don't really have one, but thought I would post an update on where I have been (and not posting). Over the past month, things have been non stop. From traveling, spending time with family, seeing old friends in Arlington, recovering from a surgery (nothing too serious!) and making tons of appointments, the last few weeks have been crazy. Having a break from school was nice, but it feels so good to be back (especially because I have somehow developed an allergy to something at my parent's house). 

A couple of life updates- when I first started blogging, it was right before leaving for my first semester of college and the blog was lovingly called "eight semesters." Well a few years, many memories and experiences, I am now in that eighth and final one. Seeing my requirements page filled up, I couldn't help but think about how much things had changed since the fall of 2013. I was rowing and lived in a small, non air conditioned room in the least desirable dorm on campus. Since then I changed majors/minors, friends, abroad locations, habits and activities. I've had great internships, horrible jobs, wonderful nights and detrimental ones (and some interesting hair changes- orientation week I had bleach blonde ombre, never again). Through the ups and downs, I have been able to learn so much and figure out myself and the world a little more. In a discussion with a friend recently about the future and both came to the realization that sometimes it's about narrowing down what you don't want to do. (This is especially true of picking a major. If you are a freshman who didn't do so hot academically, I did a point and a half better GPA wise between first semester of freshman and senior year, so there is hope, I promise.) 

Though I love Bucknell, I can also see myself and my friends starting to make the mental transition of leaving the Lewisburg bubble that has been so good to us these last almost four years. I am looking at jobs primarily in New York and Boston and will be leaving this Pennsylvania town for good. It's a bit overwhelming (especially the job search part) but living in a city again will be a welcome change. 

The semester is going to be crazy but the weather here has been so much warmer, so I am hoping that that is a sign. T.R. and I are going to be going to San Juan for a brother/sister bonding trip and my friends and I just booked a beach house before graduation. I am excited about taking the next step- wherever and whenever that may be. Thanks for reading and I'll be back soon! {Image} 

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