Grad Weekend Part One

Between my iPhone, Amanda- our photographer and my wonderful Aunt Jacqueline who flew in from the West Coast for the occasion, I have roughly 1000 photos from the weekend. To keep from overloading, here are some of my favorites, and ones I thought might be amusing. We are getting our professional ones this week, so stay tuned for more!

P.S. If you are graduating in the near future, I highly recommend taking pictures a couple of days before. The actual day is exhausting chaos, so having them done in advance ensures stress free photos and an empty campus. 

How I feel about graduating 

Much harder to get on than one would think 

This will be my next mixtape cover

The proud (?) parents

If there was a photo to describe me and my mother, this would be it

T.R. looks genuinely shocked

My big carrying me to the finish

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