Quick Update + I'm Back!

Hello there! It has been quite some time since I have posted, and for that I am sorry. Truthfully, it's a bit odd being on a laptop again (and a new one for that matter- I'm finally free of borrowing T.R.'s after nearly a year). Life has been rather insane. After graduating and packing my dorm with my tears, I spent about ten days at home with friends visiting before leaving for upstate New York to see Holly and then spent nine weeks in Raquette Lake for camp. I am currently on vacation with my family and fitting in some summer fun before heading to NYC in the fall!

In the next month, I will be in Cape Cod, stopping by New York and then seeing my family on the West Coast before heading to Philly, North Carolina, and finally the big apple. It's pretty insane that I will be traveling, moving, and then working/living in a new place. I will be posting up here from Eastham all week! {Image}

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