Things to Get on This Week

I am back in D.C. for a couple of days hanging out with the cats and running errands before heading out to the West Coast for one last "workmoon" (lots of nature posts are coming soon). For the last week, I've been keeping notes on some things on my mind- have a great week! {Image}

Younger | I know that but I finally got Hulu and have become obsessed. As someone who doesn't watch a ton of T.V. and can't commit to a show, I have been loving this- definitely makes me want to start working in the city as soon as possible. 

Serena and Lily | The company has been in the blogger radar for a while and these linens are incredible. They are having a great sale going on right now!

Concert to See | The Weeknd is doing his final leg of the U.S. tour- definitely a must see for the fall!

Groupon | If you are looking to go to the nail salon, download this app. 

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