2 Favorite Pizza Spots

Disclaimer: I am no expert on New York pizza or really anything about the city as a whole, however in my constant ongoing search for the greatest slice in this town, two places have been total stand outs and I had to share. Both are relatively small chains with a couple of locations each, and truly heaven on a crust.

Artichoke Bastilles | After watching this video about pizza in NYC, I had to try it. After months, I figured that there would be no way that it would lead up to the hype, and it somehow topped my expectations. The slices are relatively cheap, but huge. You really only need one. Seriously. This is the creation of artichoke dip and chicken pot pie on a crust. 

& Pizza | This is a relatively new chain here, and if you are lucky enough to pass when they are handing out free samples, it's worth stopping by. The pizzas are also relatively cheap and can be shared. The toppings take the art of pizza to the next level (I recommend the mushroom).  This article is quite intriguing for employees and fans. 

Happy Thursday- I hope you have a great start to the weekend!
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