The Truth About the Job Search

I am the last of my friends to get a full time job. While that seems pathetic or lazy, it was something that I knew was going to be a part of my plan. If I had a quarter for every time a friend, family member or stranger asked me about my job search...I wouldn't have to worry about rent. The whole "three bucks, two bags, one me" thing was pretty relevant to my life (for clarity, I definitely had more than two bags and fortunately, a little more than three dollars in my bank account). Despite the fact that it's been a crazy week, I couldn't have made a better decision coming here. 

Of course I had friends, family and my boyfriend in the city, but it's still been an adjustment. These transitional times are the ones that thicken our skin and often make great stories.  I have learned more than anything in the past couple of weeks is the importance of patience. By coincidence, I was watching a video about Aries (my sign) and the number one challenge that was mentioned was having patience. In no way is this post supposed to be a pity party or plea to other companies, but it's hard waiting. (I often think of the phrase, "stress is caused by being "here" and wanting to be "there.") Writing is a way of coping for me when things are messy.  For every rejection, bad interview and long day means I'm one step closer to finding the right job for me. In the meantime, all we can do is work hard, be patient and hope that everything works out in the long run (fingers crossed). 

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