Weekend Links

Hope you are having a great Monday! After several weekends in a row traveling, starting a job and moving, I had the best time in New York getting my room together, doing some thrifting and getting to see Bette Midler in Hello Dolly! There is something about getting a place in order that makes your life feel infinitely better- overall it was a very solid weekend in the city and a reminder of why it's worth living in a shoebox. Here are the things I have been reading and listening to on the subway to work. Have a great week! {Image}

One of my favorite sales is currently going on now! (I even convinced my boyfriend Luc to get in on it.)

I have found this financial advice channel and MY GOSH I wish it had been sooner. Some of my favorites include this, this and this.

I will be making a whole post on this, but grabbing some contact paper can totally change any desk or surface. Get yours here.

Everything about this party is incredible. (Regardless of if you are planning a wedding or not, some ideas are worth saving for any entertaining in the future!)

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