Last Minute Gifts for Anyone (That Aren't Candles)

Ironically, the year I am most on top of the holidays is when I post the least. Between moving and starting my full time job, the last few weeks have escaped me. However I am back- with some last minute gifts that are affordable, easy to get your hands on (or similar) and good for nearly anyone. I was sent this video recently, and no- there are no candles. 


Sugarfina | These candies are everywhere in New York City and are the go-to gift for anything. They are seriously addicting and are a perfect host/hostess gift. 

Trader Joes's ANYTHING | If you have read for a while, you'd know that I am in love with the store and pray for the day I get a sponsorship, but they are a go-to, especially for housewarmings. A bottle of (reasonably priced, yet yummy wine), some desserts and a card- you're good to go. 

Netflix/Amazon Gift Cards | I was very generously gifted an Amazon card and recently read in an article that more people have Netflix accounts than pay for cable. The Amazon ones also come in a cute (and free!) case. 

Blue Light Glasses | Felix Gray is the cult brand, and many of my friends swear by them. Almost everyone uses a computer daily, and I predict they will only grow more popular in 2018. Amazon has a great selection too!

Personalized Stationery | A no brainer. (And perfect for thank you notes season.)

A Box of Memories | I used a Tiffany box for the example, but any (nice) box will do. This was a gift I recently gave and they were touched by the collection of stories, memories and plans for the upcoming year. 

2018 Planner | They are something that virtually everyone needs- and are a great gift for kicking off 2018. For girl's, I recommend Lily Pulitzer and

Flowers | Although Valentine's Day and Birthdays are the times most associated with flowers, but who wouldn't love flowers sent to brighten up their home? Bonus: If you have a Prime account, the delivery is fast and free!

Bags | Again, everyone needs 'em and no one wants to buy them. 

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