Happy Thanksgiving! It felt a little odd to not put some kind of intro in this post. Thank you to everyone who sent kind words regarding last week's blog- hope you have a great week!

When asked what people want to ultimately achieve in their life, a common answer is "happiness." Like many others, "being happy" has been my default for years, but throughout the past year, I have changed it to being content. 

Living in NYC often contradicts this goal. It is a place that thrives off of people wanting more- better jobs, higher salaries, bigger apartments and putting the effort in to get there. While this makes the city an exciting and inspiring place, it constantly works against contentment. 

Sometime soon, I would like to go a week without complaining to tally how much I do and see the positive effects of cutting out whining about the smallest inconveniences. If you keep up with the news enough, there are plenty of reasons to be grateful for a safe home, free speech and running water. These overlooked parts of our everyday life are not a given to everyone. This morning, I was listening to the NYT's The Daily (highly recommend it to everyone) that featured the war in Yemen and it served as another reminder that there are a lot of things to be appreciative about living in the United States. 

I remember meeting with my banker, Rubi at Chase about a year ago. Right into my job, I was a bit stressed with figuring out a budget and making expenses work in an expensive city. She told me, "if you are saving some money, paying your bills and enjoying the city, you're doing something right." Aka stop stressing, appreciate what you have, make good decisions when you can, and everything will be alright. Writing down things we are thankful for, planning experiences to look forward to and taking the time to slow down this weekend where there is time fills voids that money and feelings of superiority never could. 

I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving this week, and a holiday season of family, food and content. {image}

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