Five Winter Pick-Me-Ups

As winter is coming to the final end, everyone is ready for warmer weather and to move on to spring/summer. Here are some of the things that I have been doing to get through the past couple months that I wanted to share (and serve as a reminder to myself to continue to do more of these things). 

Closet Clean-out | Back in January, I went through a major closet purge (after being influenced by Marie Kondo, admittedly). This meant going through everything and ultimately, donating a lot too, but overall having a lot less mess to stress about. 

Water| It's the one thing that has cured my headaches- who knew!

Reading + Podcasts | Podcast recommendation of the month is Still Processing, done by two culture writers at the New York Times

Gratitude Journaling | Sometimes, it's really easy to get in your head about everything that is going wrong, what needs to improve and future goals. The more I have been able to take the time to actually write down positive things that happened in the week have been, the more content I have felt. 

Beauty Treat | Over the past month, I invested in my skin more as winter has been very dry. Whether it's a skincare routine, message or new makeup, it's a great time to give yourself a little TLC. 

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