Things I Have Had to Learn the Hard Way

I want to start by saying that I am very blessed to have an incredible family, my health a roof over my head and means of supporting myself, to which I am so thankful. I would not be writing this without the support of close friends and family. Getting right into the meat of the issue- 23 has been a very challenging year. Some of the more difficult times were situational, some were simple mistakes and some stemmed from the reality that being on your own for the first time is a transition. I came by a recent tweet that made me laugh out loud:

"i don't trust anyone who has never cried on public transit" Agreed, Jarod.
Despite all of the good, bad and ugly the past year, there have been many amazing moments that I am so grateful for. I don't feel like doing a whole five paragraph format, but here are some very real truths that I have learned from experience and the smart people I'm lucky enough to get advice from:

Being treated badly by people often says more about the person's character than yours. Of course it's important to always analyze a situation before coming to conclusions, but often these people are hurting, and coping in a way we cannot understand. The friends who have your back will always meet you halfway. People tend to match up their esteems, so make sure you're attracting the right people. 

Someone told me that whenever they think of giving up, they think about all of their ancestors before them and explaining your daily problems and why you're not taking advantage of their sacrifices. I told this to my Gramma, who was equally intrigued and confused that young people might think this way- haha. 

It's ok to not know what you want in your careers- just know what you don't want to do. Don't settle in a bad environment, when it comes to friends, romantic relationships, and mental heath

23 is incredibly young. Far too young to "give up on your dreams." Always be open to something new and amazing that might be around the corner. 

Bring on 24! {Image}

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