Snapshots from Nantucket

Between Memorial Day weekend and starting my new job, I had time to go up to Cape Cod for a week to visit my grandmother and explore. Our family is based out of Woods Hole, and Martha's Vineyard has always been the choice excursion since the ferry is a five minute walk down the street. However, this week we ventured over to Nantucket for a day trip. It was a little chilly, but overall did not disappoint!

Since it was early, we stopped by Downyflake for their amazing $1 donuts! (One of the many cash only places- be prepared to stop by an ATM before your trip!)

We took an Uber from Nantucket to the other side of the island in the 'Sconset area. Be prepared for inflated transportation prices, but we got a wonderfully friendly woman and a ride in a Jeep Wrangler, so worth the trip. I am no expert and really had no plan when we got here, but would recommend going to that area to check out the Bluff Walk, Sankaty, 'Sconset Market and beach. 

We took another Uber to the Sankaty Lighthouse, one of the most photogenic buildings I've ever seen. I made sure to toss two coins over the side of the ferry leaving Brant Point Lighthouse- hoping for many returns to the island and memories to come!

Honest opinion: One of the biggest drawbacks to Nantucket is also it's greatest asset- it's inaccessibility. It's a lot harder (and more costly) to get to than it's Vineyard neighbor. There are only a couple of months of good weather- even in late May, the weather was in the 50's and cloudy. However, from our experience in the offseason, it was very quiet and peaceful, with plenty of charm. Although I would love to check it out in July with the flowers in bloom, in the meantime, will stay over on the Cape Cod side, appreciative of all southern Massachusetts has to offer. 

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