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My 1st Experience at Soulcycle

After passing by Soulcycle in multiple locations, I finally decided to give it a go. Soulcycle definitely has a stigma with moms, and while some of it is true, there were a lot of things that I wish I knew. Ultimately it was a really fun experience and I came out of the class floating (and covered in sweat). 

Coupons | Soulcycle is extremely expensive- $35-40 a class definitely adds up. Look into the deal on their website for 50% off your first time- shoes included!

Shoes | You have to pay for them after your first time and they are impossible to get off the bike once they are hooked on. I couldn't figure it out, and left them on the bike...

Sweat | I consider myself pretty active, however I have never sweat so much in my life as I did in the 50 minute session. It may seem really intimidating with all of the people who seem professionals, however you get to decide your resistance and speed.

Hair | Pull your hair into a bun. Just do it. And for the love of god, bring water. 

Labor Day Weekend Reads

The past couple of days have been amazing- I love being able to hang out with my family and travel around this beautiful coast (despite the crazy heatwave that has been hitting California this weekend). It's been a while since I've rounded up some of the things on my radar, but here ya go!

Satire on Saturdays

One of the parts of school I knew I would miss the most was writing satire. A friend took over the section in the school paper and I was lucky enough to write for it as the section grew. In the upcoming future, I would love to have a weekly column in a local paper (seeing a piece in print is so much better than online), but until then, I will be writing a piece most Saturdays. I want to continue this blog as an opportunity to showcase my writing, more than just fashion and lifestyle. Stay tuned! {Image}

Things to Get on This Week

I am back in D.C. for a couple of days hanging out with the cats and running errands before heading out to the West Coast for one last "workmoon" (lots of nature posts are coming soon). For the last week, I've been keeping notes on some things on my mind- have a great week! {Image}

Younger | I know that but I finally got Hulu and have become obsessed. As someone who doesn't watch a ton of T.V. and can't commit to a show, I have been loving this- definitely makes me want to start working in the city as soon as possible. 

Serena and Lily | The company has been in the blogger radar for a while and these linens are incredible. They are having a great sale going on right now!

Concert to See | The Weeknd is doing his final leg of the U.S. tour- definitely a must see for the fall!

Groupon | If you are looking to go to the nail salon, download this app. 

Quick Update + I'm Back!

Hello there! It has been quite some time since I have posted, and for that I am sorry. Truthfully, it's a bit odd being on a laptop again (and a new one for that matter- I'm finally free of borrowing T.R.'s after nearly a year). Life has been rather insane. After graduating and packing my dorm with my tears, I spent about ten days at home with friends visiting before leaving for upstate New York to see Holly and then spent nine weeks in Raquette Lake for camp. I am currently on vacation with my family and fitting in some summer fun before heading to NYC in the fall!

In the next month, I will be in Cape Cod, stopping by New York and then seeing my family on the West Coast before heading to Philly, North Carolina, and finally the big apple. It's pretty insane that I will be traveling, moving, and then working/living in a new place. I will be posting up here from Eastham all week! {Image}