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Five Winter Pick-Me-Ups

As winter is coming to the final end, everyone is ready for warmer weather and to move on to spring/summer. Here are some of the things that I have been doing to get through the past couple months that I wanted to share (and serve as a reminder to myself to continue to do more of these things). 

Closet Clean-out | Back in January, I went through a major closet purge (after being influenced by Marie Kondo, admittedly). This meant going through everything and ultimately, donating a lot too, but overall having a lot less mess to stress about. 

Water| It's the one thing that has cured my headaches- who knew!

Reading + Podcasts | Podcast recommendation of the month is Still Processing, done by two culture writers at the New York Times

Gratitude Journaling | Sometimes, it's really easy to get in your head about everything that is going wrong, what needs to improve and future goals. The more I have been able to take the time to actually write down positive things that happened in the week have been, the more content I have felt. 

Beauty Treat | Over the past month, I invested in my skin more as winter has been very dry. Whether it's a skincare routine, message or new makeup, it's a great time to give yourself a little TLC. 

Tips for Work Productivity (Through Trial and Error)

Happy Tuesday! Hope you are having a great, productive week as we head into March, the start of daylight savings time and (eventually) spring. Over the past couple weeks, I have been working from home and discovered through many mistakes that there are right and wrong ways to go about working on your own schedule. Here are some of the things I've learned, and the best way to have a stress free, guilt free, work day. {Image}

Start early | Everyone has their own cycle of doing things, however, getting up, dressed and starting early works best for me. I have been listening to a ton of podcasts so far in 2019 (How I Built This, This American Life and TMG are some of my favorites right now) and a morning walk to the gym and heading to a cozy coffee shop is the best way to start the day.

Natural Light | My current apartment has very little natural light. (We will be moving at the end of April and I'm very excited for a new roommate to join our group and more natural light/room decor posts!) I have found the more exposure to windows, the better for my overall mood. 

Intention | There are so many distractions, that making a list is essential for getting things accomplished. Scheduling events/social engagements at night also keeps me accountable to not procrastinate all day. 

Breaks | I like to put a podcast on, and combining something I enjoy with a walk to run an errand keeps things productive and gets me moving. 

Meals | Working from home and means having more time to cook a nice dinner (with candles!) and plan meals out. Might as well take advantage of the opportunity before going back to the office life!


One of the most challenging parts about being an adult in general is money management. In the world of the internet, there is always something being promoted as an "investment" or "holy grail item." As I have become financially independent, value has become the key when deciding between something getting something cheaper, or spending a little bit more money. Here are the things I swear by and use nearly if not every day, that live up to the hype. Some are cheaper than others and some are more obvious, but I really like to get recommendations from friends, and wanted to throw my two cents in. (Thanks to Bailey for inspiring this post!) 

Longchamp Le Pliage Tote | I've had mine since high school and always come back to it- it's classic, sleek and easy to travel with and stores a lot on top of being easy to clean. 

Apple Podcast | Listening to NYT's The Daily is my favorite part of my commute. 

Hello Fab Coconut Water Cream | As someone with dry skin (especially this time of year), this is an amazing moisturizer that soaks in immediately and smells nice too!

Wet Brush | It's one of the cheapest brushes on the market and is amazing for brushing wet and dry hair. 

Drybar Hair Straightener | A little bit of an investment, but worth every penny (and a cute color!).

S'well Water Bottle | Its price will keep you from misplacing it- promise. 

Trader Joe's Greek Style Yogurt | I eat one every single day, so had to include it. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz | One of the few  items that I really would consider essential in my makeup look.

Kate Spade Darci Laurel Way Wallet | A great wallet at a great price- love the outer pocket for my ID and subway card. 

Pilot G7 Rollerball Pen | The best pens of all time. 

First Week of ClassPass

Last week I decided to take advantage of the free month of workout classes offered by ClassPass for January 2019. I have always been a sports/running/gym person, and haven't taken classes since my cardio pilates days at Bucknell. In the spirit of the new year and taking advantage of deals, I signed up. The offer is for 45 credits that can be used for ~6-7 classes, though they also offer "wellness" options that include blowouts and massages.

I started last week and took three classes at very different studios downtown. Being insanely inflexible, yoga was a necessary choice for the first week. It was also a complete reverse culture shock to feel like I was back at the Bucknell gym, surrounded by 20 something females decked out in Lululemon and carrying S'well water bottles (myself included). The full membership is expensive, and worth weighing the pros and cons, but here is a short summary/review of my first week. {Image}

Mind Body Bootcamp57 W 16th St, New York, NY 10011
The Good: This class was a combination of yoga, kickboxing and basic cardio. There were several times that we were instructed to just release all out energy with every punch and kick. While it felt a bit much at first, I really liked the communal feeling in the room of everyone doing it together. 
The Bad: Not too much to report- the class was the perfect combination of challenging, engaging, and fun. 
Final Takeaway: Overall, a solid class that started and ended calmly. ☆☆ ☆ 1/2

Pure Barre |  80 Pine St, New York, NY 10005 
I had been wanting to try Pure Barre specifically for a while after hearing rave reviews. 
The Good: It's an efficient workout and I felt thoroughly sore. 
The Bad: I like to consider myself pretty in shape, however this was painful. Additionally, you have to have grip socks and the only ones at Target were toe socks...enough said. (No shade to anyone who likes toe socks, but when you are doing barre movements in a room full of non toe socks, it feels a little weird.)
Final Takeaway: A good workout, but I would not recommend for your first workout class. ☆☆ 

Soul Sweat Yoga @Laughing Lotus | 636 6th Ave 3rd floor, New York, NY 10011
The Good: This class was the perfect combination of challenging flexibility and strength. The studio was enormous and colorfully decorated- truthfully, I kept thinking about what I would do with an apartment space that size. 
The Bad: I made the mistake of sitting in the front row. I have taken a couple of yoga classes, but not enough to feel like I could easily hold my own. I found myself looking at the expert next to me (who had every right to be in the front row). 
Final Takeaway: The perfect way to end the weekend/start the week. If you are looking for a way to end the weekend feeling ready for Monday, I highly recommend a yoga class. I was able to get a good workout in, and even run a couple of last minute errands to Trader Joes and Bed, Bath and Beyond with no lines while finishing an audio book- ideal Sunday night! ☆☆ ☆☆ 

iPhone Shots from Monterey, Carmel and Big Sur

Happy 2019! I wanted to share a couple of snapshots from a recent road trip Luc and I took down CA Hwy 1. We went to Big Sur, Monterey and Carmel- a couple of hours south of San Francisco. Unfortunately, we didn't take a bunch of pictures of us, but the views speak for themselves. 

This was a great breakfast place in Monterey- check out First Awakenings if you are in the area!

One of the best ways to end a year that I could have imagined- watching the sun go down over the Pacific, glass of wine in hand.