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Friday Eve Links

Woah- it's been a while since I've posted here. A lot has been happening since! While I do sometimes miss the flexibility of a college schedule, I am loving the perks of living in a big city (like having Trader Joe's nearby at all times). My job keeps me very busy- but in the best way! {Image}

New York |  Even though it does it sometimes kick you when you're down, I love living here and am so looking forward to the warmer weather. I'm really looking forward to a lot more runs and getting to see Central/Battery Park a bit more.  

Moving | It has been a long time coming, but Luc and I both finally have the keys to apartments downtown! I am living in the Financial District with two friends (including Soch, who has made cameos on here several times) and could not be more excited to have a shorter commute. Luc is living in a one bedroom in Little Italy. The process of finding our places, moving out and managing a six floor walk up have had their moments, but overall it's an exciting change!

Summer | I will be posting more on this soon, but there are some big changes happening in our family (good ones that I know of!) and this summer is going to be really exciting because of it! I am very fortunate to have a nice chunk of vacation and personal days, and will be tacking them on to a lot of weekend trips in the upcoming months.

I think this is the sweetest engagement video- I look up to Lucie a lot professionally and personally! 

Is anyone else into the polka dot trend? (I say "trend" but my mother would greatly disagree.)

I am obsessed with this podcast- it makes my Tuesday morning commute go by so quickly.

iPhone Shots from Miami

Two weekends ago, Luc and I took a trip down to Miami for a long weekend. His family has a place in South Beach and he grew up taking many trips down from North Carolina. My family loves to travel to the mountains and if we make it to the water, it's usually a New England beach. My aunt and uncle lived in Miami for many years and my cousins grew up there. They now live on the West Coast, so it's been a while since my last trip!

We had a great time and the sun was a perfect escape from the cold of New York. The warm air off the plane was quite welcome. Since we packed in only carry-ons, I decided to leave my DSLR behind and just use my iPhone (or both phones- the life of an assistant). I am not even going to pretend to make a "Miami guide," but I hope you enjoy some of these shots. 

Big Pink in South Beach is one of the most photogenic restaurants I've seen and has amazing food! Side note: I have been trying to get through this book and it's been such a challenge. I know it's been on the bestseller list forever, but I wasn't loving it. (Additionally, my best friend Holly and I have been in a long distance book club. Will be posting on that soon!)

Links for the Week

Hello! It has been quite a while and I am back with more posts. With working full time and attempting to get truly settled, I feel ready to jump back into writing again. There is something about knowing that spring is coming that gets one quite inspired, and I am already counting down until daylight saving time starts Saturday. 

In a quick round of updates, everything is good here as I am getting my flow with work and life. Luc and I went down to Miami for a long weekend and enjoyed just being outside in the sun and exploring (more photos coming soon!). Additionally, I will be moving to Manhattan at the beginning of May (possibly June 1st at the latest, but as of now more likely May). I love Brooklyn, but with where I work/end up most weekends, it makes sense to be a little closer to everything- and I will be making this move with one of my favorite people, Sarah. Have a great week! {Image}

Last Thursday I had the opportunity to attend LIU Brooklyn's Center for Communication Creator's Conversation. The panelists were so interesting and I got to hear from an SVU writer, an R29 favorite producer Lucie Fink, a Bravo exec and more. Here is the livestream from the event! I highly recommend a listen if you are at all interested in a creative career.

I love this podcast about dating (especially in New York) and this one by NPR. It makes my commute so much better!

I am dreaming of some fun summer weekend trips, especially after looking through these dreamy photos.

A Little Post Grad Update

I am not going to lie, this was a post that I originally wrote for another publication that was not published. Oh well- the work was put in, so this is going to be on my blog here. Additionally, I really miss the listicle type writing (shoutout to Her Campus Bucknell). I would also like to say that the photo below may be one of my favorites from last May.

Things I Wish I Knew Before College Graduation

Weekend Links

Happy Friday! After a busy week, I am looking forward to hanging out in the city and checking out as many cold weather activities as possible. I hope you are enjoying the end of January! Here are some of the things that caught my eye this week. {Image}

I am embarrassed to admit that I just started watching Black Mirror. Since then, I've been reading everything about the series, including this NY Times piece. (Additionally, I would kill to be in a college class about the series, if there are any drop in's in New York, I will be enrolling.)